– Goes deeper than just taking a selfie –

Sometimes I get scared of taking selfies. Sure, I’ll post photos someone else took or videos of me speaking or doing MMA. But for some reason selfies magnify our flaws and I know we all wonder, “what are they going to think if I post a photo of myself?”

We all fear judgment of others in one way or the other, or not “measuring up” to the expectations of what the world asks of us. If you say, “not me!” You are lying to yourself!!!

A friend of mine challenged a group of us to post something we fear and hashtag #CAMBIATUMENTALIDAD.

For many years I was afraid of judgment and through prayer I realized I still am. I mean if we’re human, who isn’t right???

After all we are so quick to judge others and point out flaws. I came to realize, (something I know, just forget because my sinful nature and thinking takes over) it’s ok to be uncomfortable, it is NOT ok to be afraid. As Christians God has given us a Spirit of freedom, 2 Corinthians 3:17.

All that to say, today I post a selfie (photo) because I live to please Him, not the world or it’s expectations.

Here is to your challenge Kendra.


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