At the age of 6, there was a special event at school, we wrote a paper. I remember that we had to read the papers we wrote to our parents or who showed up to hear us read.

Every kid having someone there, with shy voiced and connecting their eyes to parents and loved ones who showed up for them, proudly and at the same time shy reading their masterpiece.

When the teacher called my name, I slowly walked up to the front with my paper at hand.
Looking up to see who had
came for me, (I remember this day as if it was yesterday) I saw no one.
I was wearing crazy color leggings with white shoes, that’s all I remember looking at that was familiar to me.

With tears in my eyes I read my paper and half way through the reading… I broke down crying and could not finish my paper.
This is the day, I became the saddest little girl who never again wanted to write anything, wanted anyone to read it or hear me read.

Why am I sharing this you ask?…
Well, I am publicly sharing something I have never told anyone with joy and happiness. God has now used such a rooted fear into a reality of blondness.

I was approached to write by few magazines and blogs before, I didn’t feel comfortable then so I would decline. Recently, few weeks ago I received an email and was asked to write an article. I felt peace, I said yes! God opened that door, I was published at a Christian magazine for women based out of Los Angeles, California. Humbling.

Today I share this because I look back at the memory of the sad little girl that I was, the enemy used that to lie and told me I was UNHEARD, UNLOVED, FORGOTTEN, OVERLOOKED, ABANDONED and REJECTED. All these things set fear and shame into me.

God is now using me to speak life into women. I live to share all that God has done and sharing the Word with boldness and in freedom as I learn it, by no means do I know it all. However, Sharing what I do know and giving Him all the glory and praise, point everyone all back to Him!

My passion is to see women and young girls come to the Lord, find salvation and freedom.

Sitting here in awe, when we allow God to use our brokenness, pain and hurt lives for His glory!

I have an important message to share with you, if you don’t know the deliverance of Christ, this article is something I pray you read.

Website: Milknhoneymagazine.com

Article:  https://milknhoneymagazine.com/spiritual-coma-his-love


Twitter: https://twitter.com/MilknHoney_Mag

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