– Not us, but You. –

I have so many documentary files from when God sends me to speak all over Texas. I never posted them because life always got in the way.

This specific one is from January 28, 2017. Traveled to Houston Texas, was invited to speak at three different places. I remember asking my roommate Jen to travel with me the night before. Like a champ she did. (I will for ever grateful and cherish these memories with you sistafren.)

There were many adventures. On the way to the first speaking engagement I remember Jen asking me “Krystell, can I ask you something?” We had just gotten our car from the valet and we were beginning to drive off. I looked at her and said, “yeah!” She looked up at me as we drove off and said something among the lines, “Why do you do it? Do you not get scared to speak to so many?”

I remember pausing for a moment and thinking to myself, “it’s all about You Lord! No matter how petrified I become in the thought of Shame or judgment.” And that’s exactly what came out of my mouth.

When you do something, ANYTHING, remember it’s not about YOU. It’s all about HIM. The moment you realize it’s a calling and not a game is the moment you will truly know the difference between a “gig,” “performance,” or a “show.” It is none of those. A calling, your calling is the most serious thing you can have give to you. Set your eyes on the true righteousness of God. Seek Him, sink in His word and ask Him to open your spiritual eyes. Only then can we truly see.

It is never about us!

“He must increase, but I must decrease.” { John 3:30 }

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