– From Abuse to Freedom –

As a survivor of abuse, I understand the depth of this agonizing reality, I lived it during the abusive relationship I was in for those long years of my young life. Almost 5 years of my young life, to be specific. But as a survivor, I can tell you that God can heal you! I finally spoke up about this when I was 22. I got the help I needed and through learning my worth through the Word of God, I was able to break free from the past I buried.

I faced every single trauma and by name I forgave those who deeply scared me. The forgiveness is not only for them, but for you.

The scars are deep, the pain is REAL and the abuse was heart breaking. Leaving you feeling as if you are worthless and unwanted. And in many cases, as if you deserved that abuse and pain.

Tonight, before you go to bed, I want you to know that GOD is deeper than the scars, allow Him to cover them with an affectionate and kind love, He is a REAL GOD, so real that He will turn the pain into rejoice and He Can and will mend your broken heart.

Maybe, like me at one point, you have lost faith in God because of what happened to you. I am not saying it will be easy, I am not saying it will not be hard to face the traumas, I am not saying you won’t cry… what I am saying is that facing that fear the enemy has set inside of you is not stronger than the freedom GOD CAN GIVE YOU FROM IT.

If you are in an abusive relationship right now AS YOU READ THIS. Please SPEAK UP! You are not alone, there are people who want to help you. If you have in the past been in an abusive relationship, prostitution, sex trafficked, child abuse, etc… also know that there is help for you too. YOU ARE NOT ALONE.

If tonight you scroll down your feed and you happen to read this… and you are in fact crying, telling yourself “THAT’S ME” please SPEAK UP.

I am praying for everyone who may happen to read this post. You don’t have to “like” or “comment.” However, I am praying you reach out to someone. Speak up and get the help you need.

Praying you find the freedom in Christ. Took me many years, but through the truth of who God says that I am, today I live in FREEDOM and speaking in boldness for all who have no voice.


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